5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Lake Cabin

Purchasing a lake cabin is an exciting way to invest in a second home. Whether you're looking for a summer getaway or somewhere to stay year-round in retirement, it's important to consider certain factors before making the purchase. Here are five things to think about when buying a lake cabin.

Distance from Primary Residence

You should consider what distance you want between your primary residence and the lake cabin. If you intend to use it on weekends, how far do you want to drive on a Friday night? Don't forget that if you buy further away, you may have to pay more for travel costs, and it will be harder to maintain the property. However, if you purchase closer, then it may not feel like as much of an escape. Consider what would make the most sense for your lifestyle and financial needs.

Size of the Lake

The size of a lake often determines what type of activities you can do there. If it's smaller than average, fishing and swimming will likely be your main activities since larger boats won't fit. On the other hand, if the lake is larger than usual, it may be possible to bring larger boats, such as pontoon boats or ski boats, for more entertainment options. Lakes are typically measured in acres.

Type of Watercraft Allowed

If you plan on bringing watercraft with you when visiting your lake cabin, double-check what types are allowed on that specific body of water. Some lakes have restrictions regarding size and type due to local regulations, environmental concerns, or even lake association limits on noise levels and speed. Make sure any boat or jet ski you own meets the requirements before heading out onto the water.

Lake Frontage

The number of feet you own on the water is more important and has more of an effect on the value than the square footage of the house. Make sure to inquire about how much frontage comes with the property when buying a lake cabin so that you know exactly how much access you have to the water body. Additionally, you want firm frontage, not mucky. 

Number of Bedrooms

You should also think about what kind of sleeping arrangements will work best for your needs while at the lake house. While you may only need a bedroom or two, owning a lake cabin often means a lot of overnight guests. The more bedrooms or sleeping areas you have, the better, so everyone has enough space during their stay.

When purchasing a lake cabin, there are many factors to consider. Work with a real estate agent that knows the area and keep these five things in mind when looking at potential properties. 

For more information about lakefront cabins, contact a local company. 

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