Recommendations For Maintenance Services For Your Condo Building

When you live in a condo building, you own your own unit but there are also maintenance services and preventative care that the building will provide to keep the entire condo complex in great condition physically and also in its systems. As a building owner, you will need to make sure the maintenance is handled through routine care and also in emergency situations. Here are some recommendations to help you provide great condominium maintenance and 24-hour services to keep your building in good condition.

Have a Good Emergency Maintenance Plan

When there are multiple units located within a condo building, there are also going to be multiple residents with the potential for a lot of issues that can arise. From power outages to clogged lines or HVAC problems, it is smart to have a good maintenance team available to handle these issues and get them resolved as soon as possible, especially when they are after hours and on the weekend. If your residents are not able to have emergency situations taken care of, there can be legal consequences and damage to the building and its interior. 

Make sure your residents and your maintenance team know the emergency maintenance plan, and your residents can make emergency issues known so they can be resolved. This usually includes an online maintenance request system and also an on-call maintenance technician to take the calls and initiate a plan for repairs. 

Arrange for Regular Maintenance

In addition to taking care of emergency issues and repairs, you will also need to complete regular maintenance tasks within the building and its units. Regular maintenance is a prevention strategy that will potentially stop future issues and also keep the building's condition and value maintained. 

Plan for your maintenance staff to take care of regular HVAC servicing to change filters regularly and complete an annual service tune-up to the HVAC for heating and cooling. You can also arrange for regular sewer line cleanouts to prevent clogs and backups that can occur in a building with multiple units. Dryer vents can also collect a good amount of lint, which should be cleaned out regularly to prevent fire risks to the building. Then, be sure you prevent pest problems with regular pest control service to the exterior, interior common areas, and individual units. In addition to these maintenance tasks, be sure you are inspecting the building's systems regularly and as local and state codes require.

Contact a condo 24-hour maintenance team to learn more.

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