Residential Properties, Sales, and Why You Need to Hire a Qualified Agent

Are you a first-time home seller? Even the best residential properties won't sell themselves. Before you consider a do-it-yourself approach, take a look at the top reasons to list your home with a professional real estate agent.

Real Estate Agents Know Other Real Estate Agents

Your would-be future agent may come with a sizable network of other real estate professionals. This gives your potential realtor the ability to market the property specifically to other agents. A broker's open house and similar agent-to-agent strategies may help to sell your home sooner than a for-sale-by-owner DIY approach would.

Real Estate Agents Have the Time to Sell Homes

Do you already have a full or part-time job? If you already work in another field, it's not likely you'll have the extra time necessary to sell your home. From weekend open houses and marketing to a steady stream of showings, residential real estate sales require a serious time commitment.

A DIY approach puts you in charge of the sales process. But this can make it difficult, if not impossible, to commit to your paying job, family engagements, or anything else in your daily life. A professional realtor will handle the day-to-day sales tasks, eliminating the need for you to spend your time on these activities.

Real Estate Agents Aren't Emotionally Tied to Your Home

Can you put a realistic value on the place where your child took their first steps, you celebrated your parents' silver anniversary, or you got engaged? Your home is more than just a physical space. It holds memories and can spark serious emotions.

Even though a real estate agent may appreciate your home, they don't have emotional ties to the property. This allows them to take an unbiased approach to the sale. Homeowners often find it difficult to separate true market value and emotional value. This can lead to overpricing and other similar sales challenges.

A real estate agent can also emotionally distance themselves during the negotiation process. While no one wants to get a lowball offer for a residential property, a professional agent won't take personal offense. Instead, the agent will evaluate the reasons behind the offer, potential merits of the offer, and ability to negotiate a higher price.

Real Estate Agents Understand the Sales Process

The experience and expertise a real estate agent brings to the table can make the sales process easier — and potentially more profitable. If you don't have extensive knowledge of residential property sales, leave this job to the professionals.

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