What Makes A Luxury Dream Home?

What makes a home worth buying? For many people, it's all about finding the home that offers the best compromise of luxury and price. In many homes, there are many luxurious features to consider. But what makes a luxury dream home?

These are some of the key features people look for in a luxury home.

Ample Pantry Space

One of the first things people look for in a luxury home is a large pantry. People like to have separate spaces to store food, and a walk-in pantry is considered much more luxurious than simply extra cabinet space.

Open Floor Plan

Luxury homes also typically include open floor plans. This means the kitchen is not pushed off into a small room. The main living spaces are open to each other, creating seamless transitions between rooms.

Large Master Suite

The ideal property also offers a master bedroom with a suite-style. This includes an attached bathroom to the master bedroom, but it also often includes a separate living space.

Outdoor Entertainment Space

Patio spaces and backyards are great places to entertain, but the most luxurious spaces may involve built-in barbecue grills, fire pits, and beautifully landscaped spaces. Built-in lights are also a great option.

Two-Car Garage

At the very least, a luxury home contains a two-car garage. These days, many of these homes contain much more space than this. Automatic garage doors are the standard as well.

Outdoor Landscaping With Few Requirements

People do not want to be handed a task to take care of when they buy a home. While luxury homes should be well-manicured and cared for, the requirements to take care of the landscaping should not be difficult to attend to. Low-maintenance landscaping is better.

Plenty of Counter Space

Finally, luxury homes do not skimp on counter space. People who love to spend time in the kitchen do not want to think about the extra resources, like portable islands, that they will have to bring in to complete the tasks they want to. Instead, they want to see a lot of counter space and imagine the events and gatherings they can hold there.

Consult With a Real Estate Agent

If you have questions about finding the right luxury home for you, consult with a real estate agent. Real estate agents can also advise you on finding investment luxury homes or selling your current home quickly. Make an appointment today to discuss luxury properties and their amenities with a real estate group, like Susan and Bradley Mohr: S&B Real Estate Group.

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