Recommendations To Help You Select The Right Sales Agent For Your Home

When it is time to sell your home, it is such a large and important possession that you want to make sure it receives top dollar and sells as quickly as possible. But to do this you need to hire a real estate agent who can provide you all the services plus some experience and expertise. Here are some recommendations to follow when you are ready to hire a selling agent to help you sell your home.

Choose from Many Available Services

There are many services that your real estate agent can provide to you as part of their listing agreement. One of the first items they can provide to you is a market analysis on the home sales activity to help you determine a list price.

In addition to providing you with details of the market before deciding on a sales price, they can also make sure your home gets the sales exposure it needs. For example, as part of the agreement to list your home for sale, they can recommend tips and tricks to help you effectively stage your home. This can include clearing out storage rooms and closets of excess items and only leaving minimal clothing. This tip helps make your home's spaces appear larger. They may also recommend removing personal photos to make your home a more neutral space for a buyer to picture themselves living in it.

A good sales agent should provide you with a myriad of services before, during, and after the listing period. These services are to maximize your home's selling potential and is also a great tool for them to get new listings in the future.

Time Is of the Essence

When you decide to list your home for sale, the price you list it at and the listing details that go live on the MLS (multiple listing service) make all the difference in the speed in which you sell your home. If your realtor has provided you with the services for the home sale listing, you should look to attract the right buyer within the first month or so. If your home sits on the market for longer than that it may be a good indication it is not priced right or not getting the marketing exposure it needs to help find the right buyer. 

Make sure your home listing has numerous photos, a virtual tour, printed fliers at the property, a professional lockbox to provide access into your home for buyers agents, and at least one to two open houses to increase your home's exposure on the market. After the first several weeks it can be helpful to reevaluate the sales market to verify your list price is accurately reflecting the market sales. As an example, you should take some time to look at recent home sales in the area to be sure they are in line with your home's price. Your agent can help you with these details plus more for a professional sale.

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