What To Know About New Build Homes

When it comes to finding a home to buy, there are a few things to consider. Finding a home that suits your needs, has the features that you want, and is in your desired neighborhood can be a challenge. When searching for homes, there are two different categories that you may be looking at. Previously-owned homes and new build homes. There are a lot of benefits to new build homes, but there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing one. Here are three things that you should know.

They Tend to Cost More

When looking at new build homes for sale you may notice that the price tags are a little higher. New construction homes cost on average $60,000 more than previously-owned homes. The reason for this is because new construction homes tend to have upgraded finishes and offer more options for customization. When looking at new build homes, it's important to determine if you are willing to potentially pay more for this type of property. New build homes for sale may also have smaller lot sizes than homes in older neighborhoods.

A Real Estate Agent Can Help

While you may feel like you can do without a real estate agent when looking at new build homes, there are still many benefits to using an agent. A buyer's agent may be able to help you negotiate a better price. They can also help you determine which features you are looking for in a home. Many new build homes offer options for customization, an agent can help you determine which features will work best for your needs and that will help preserve your property value. New build homes are also often in growing neighborhoods. A real estate agent can help you determine how the neighborhood may be changing in the future.

You Still Need an Inspection

If you are looking at new build homes, you may feel like an inspection will not be needed. While new construction homes often require less maintenance in the short term, there may be issues present. Inspections are still a must even if the home you are looking at has just been built. There can be issues present that may lead to large repair bills down the road. The average cost of a home inspection ranges between $278 and $390

If you are thinking about purchasing a new build home, there are a few things to consider. They tend to cost more than previously-owned homes and may have smaller lot sizes. If you are considering this type of property, the services of a buyer's agent may also still be very helpful. Before buying a home inspection is still a must for new build homes. 

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