Three Mistakes Home Sellers Should Never Make When Selling A Home

There is at least one in every neighborhood. A home that has been for sale for months but doesn't seem to be getting any interest from buyers, even though others in the same area are getting snapped up quickly by eager buyers. In many cases, these non-selling homes may be the victim of a few common mistakes made by their sellers. If you are planning to put your home on the market soon and want to avoid this type of issue, the following information just might help:

Refusing to prepare the home completely

Homes that are hurriedly placed on the market before needed repairs or renovations are made are at a disadvantage from day one. Most buyers want homes that are ready for occupancy and are not willing to spend time or money to do this work themselves. Instead, they simply pass over any listings that need more than minor redecorating, such as interior paint or wallpaper. To avoid this problem, postpone listing your home until it is completely ready for attention from buyers.

Refusing to price the home competitively

Another huge mistake that is all too common among sellers is pricing the home too high for local market conditions. With the wealth of technology available, today's buyers are able to review listings and compare details, including prices before they decide which ones they want to view in person. Homes that do not compete well against other homes in the same price range will be dropped from consideration. To avoid this problem, sellers should always carefully study their current market, including recently sold properties and active listings, and base their home's price on how it compares to those homes while factoring in size, condition, age, and area.

Refusing to market the home aggressively

Another common mistake that keeps homes from selling is when they are not marketing aggressively to buyers. Since most buyers today use apps and websites to find homes they want to see, a home that is only marketed by a sign in the yard or a print newspaper ad may never be seen by the buyers that might be most interested in purchasing it. To avoid this problem sellers should make sure that their home is actively marketing on real estate sites, as well as multiple listing systems (MLS), and social media.

For even more ways to make sure that your home will not be the one that lingers unsold for months on end, prospective sellers should consider working with a local, successful real estate agent who can offer them guidance on condition and pricing, as well as the aggressive marketing they need to succeed.

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