Debunking A Few Common Myths About Manufactured Homes

In the market to purchase a home? If so, then you shouldn't rule out the possibility of buying or building your own manufactured home. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths floating around out there about manufactured homes and their construction. By having a better understanding of the truth behind these myths, you can ultimately make the right decision regarding the home type that's right for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Myth 1: They're Not Durable

Perhaps the biggest myth people tend to spread about manufactured homes is that they're not durable and will blow over in a large windstorm, though this couldn't be further from the truth. This myth is likely perpetuated as a result of Hollywood films that have erroneously depicted these types of homes being damaged on the big screen. In reality, these homes are built with quality materials and must meet strict construction standards. This includes passing inspections to ensure the home can withstand high wind gusts, hail, and other extreme weather conditions.

Myth 2: They're All the Same

While in the past, manufactured homes may have been a little more "cookie cutter," this simply is no longer the case. Today, manufactured homes can be made to suit just about any design or floor plan you could possibly desire. Whether you want a Craftsman-style manufactured home or more a traditional look--or even a two-story manufactured home--it's all possible with the right designer and builder.

Myth 3: They're Hard to Resell

Another common myth about manufactured homes is that they don't appreciate in value, though the reality is that any manufactured home (like any traditional site-built home) will appreciate in value if it is well cared for. You can further increase your chances for appreciation on a manufactured home if you have it attached to a foundation when it's built and if you own the land on which it is built!

Myth 4: They're Not Energy Efficient

Energy efficient building materials have come a long way over the years, so manufactured homes today are more energy efficient than ever before. This is especially true when you consider the higher standards and Federal regulations that now exist for manufactured homes.

These are just a few of the many misunderstandings people tend to have about manufactured homes. With this new information in mind, however, perhaps you will want to consider a manufactured home for your next home purchase! Contact a manufactured home sales service for more information and assistance. 

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