Shopping For Your First Home? Proactive Viewing Tips For A More Productive Search

Buying a first home is hard work. In fact, most first-time home buyers patiently save for the down payment and closing costs and then work through the process of applying and gaining approval for a good home mortgage. But there is still more hard work to be done, such as viewing the homes that best fit the buyer's criteria and then selecting the one that best fits their needs. While there may not be a way to lessen the work of saving for a down payment or getting through the mortgage application process successfully, the following tips can help make the viewing process much easier and more comfortable:

Dress for comfort 

The first rule of a successful, productive home viewing is to make sure to dress comfortably. Walking shoes with a lower heel and good arch support will be much better than higher heels, sandals, or open-toed footwear that could make crossing lawns and going up and down stairs difficult or even unsafe. If possible, choose comfortable walking shoes that slip on and off easily, so that you can leave them at the door of the home, should the seller make that request. 

Clothing is also important for comfort when viewing homes for sale, especially in areas where temperatures can change rapidly. Choose casual clothing with simple designs and no fussy details that might catch on objects or landscaping when viewing homes. If the weather is chilly, layers that can be easily removed are an excellent choice to help you remain comfortable and focused on the task at hand. 

Remove potential distractions

Another excellent tip for a productive home viewing is to limit potential distractions. Make it a point to silence mobile phones or consider leaving them at home. Buyers who have young children may want to consider leaving them with a sitter during showings so they can more carefully examine the homes they are viewing. 

Avoid mass viewings

While it can seem like a good thing to view as many homes as possible during each outing, doing so typically leads to confusion. It is much more productive to view just two or three homes during each viewing session. This will help buyers remember more details about each one and also helps to add clarity to the entire home search process. 

For even more great ideas on streamlining the home viewing process, first-time home buyers should rely on the guidance of an experienced real estate professional. Choosing an agent of this caliber will ensure that the entire viewing and buying process will be a success. 

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