Facts And Myths Of Selling Your Home

When you put your home on the market you want to make sure you are doing things correctly. You'll find a lot of information out there about things you should do when selling. While much of this information will be based on facts, a lot of it will also be based on myths. You don't want to follow myths that can end up causing you to have a more difficult time selling your property. Here are some facts and some myths, so you make sure you are following the right advice:

Facts of home selling

A staged home is better than a lived-in home: Some people feel it is best for buyers to see the home lived in because it shows them that the house provides a comfortable living environment. However, it is actually better to show a home staged if you can vacate it during the selling process. When you live in the home, the buyers can have a harder time imagining it as their own instead of yours.

Your yard is worth maintaining properly: Some people feel that a person will look past an unkempt yard and focus on the house. However, the truth is the yard is what initially gives a house 'curb appeal' and is your first chance to start impressing a buyer. Starting with a nice yard and following through with a great house is the best way to sell fast.

Smells matter when showing a home: Some people don't believe that baking cookies or a fresh loaf of bread can help when showing a home. However, people tend to feel more at home in a place when they walk in and are greeted by a mouthwatering smell coming from the kitchen.

Myths of home selling

No one wants a fixer upper: Some are under the misconception that everyone wants a home that's move in ready. The truth is there are many people who shop specifically for a fixer upper. Some are looking to flip the home and some simply like the idea of doing it in their own way.

Everyone will try to lowball you the first time around: If someone really wants your home and they are afraid of losing it, the last thing they are going to do is play games with a lowball offer. They will be worried that someone else will come in with a better offer and end up with the house they want.

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