Finding Your Homestead Hard To Sell? Get It SOLD With This Information

The homestead life was once a charming idea for you, growing your own food, raising a few animals, and getting back to basics. But now that a few years of this life have passed, you are ready to sell off your homestead and get back to urban life. Unfortunately, some homesteaders find that once they obtain a property and put a lot of work into making it their own, they have a hard time eliminating it when they decide to sell.

The fact is, as the owner of a homestead, you face a few challenges in the real estate market that you may not even realize are there. Check out these reasons why you are having a hard time selling your homestead and what you can do. 

Problem: Some buyers see "homestead" and assume high-maintenance. 

Not every buyer will be interested in a property that requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and unfortunately, the word "homestead" is often regarded as a property that must be high-maintenance in the eyes of a consumer. They may be thinking lots of acres to mow and tend, lots of trees to trim, and even lots of wildlife to keep away. Because of this, you should be careful to use the word "homestead" loosely in your listings, especially if your listing has sat idle for a while without interest. 

Problem: Not all buyers will be interested in a property that has only basic features. 

Maybe when you bought your homestead you were thrilled that it had a functional well or maybe you even implemented a wood stove inside the house and got rid of the HVAC system. While these things perfectly coincided with the homestead life you had in mind at the time, not all buyers will be thrilled with the idea of a property where they have to draw their own water from a well or use wood for heat. These are only examples, but they are enough to give you an idea of upgrades and changes you might consider making if your homestead is garnering little interest. 

Problem: Prospective homesteaders are not always easy to market to on your own. 

Perhaps the reason your homestead has not yet sold has less to do with buyers not being interested because it is a homestead and more to do with not marketing the property to the right group of people. By enlisting the help of a real estate agent, such as Charles L Moles Real Estate Services,you will be bringing in professional expertise that can help you vamp up your listing, spruce up your property, and get your homestead for sale recognized by the right individuals. 

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