Luxury Real Estate: What Is Luxury To You?

Luxury real estate for sale means different things to different people. Most people see the word "luxury" and automatically think, "expensive" and/or "posh". Others have very different ideas of what "luxury real estate" means to them. If the price of a property is not revealed, luxury could mean any of the following to you.


Acreage often denotes luxury, as the more land the property has, the more affluent you would have to be to afford it. Most actors' homes in Hollywood are situated on several acres of land. This can be as little as three acres (which is still a huge land mass), to as much as one hundred or more acres. If you want to keep horses or other animals on your land, you need the acreage to do so. This, then, is the definition of luxury to you.

Square Footage

Square footage is another luxury real estate determination factor. Anything over three thousand square feet is considered "luxury," since most homes with less square footage seem small by comparison. If you want several bedrooms (more than four) and several bathrooms (more than three) in an expansive manse that lets you spread out all over the house and almost get lost in your own home, that is luxury real estate.

Atypical Amenities

Luxury can also mean a massive pool and hot tub in the backyard, but more than often means atypical amenities. These atypical amenities include a tennis court, a full-sized bowling alley, or a personal movie theater. If you are looking for any of these features, then this is what luxury means to you.

Waterfront Property

Pursuing a life of leisure on the water by living in a house on the edge of a lake or river is also luxury for some. You can come and go as you please in your own speedboat, yacht, or sailboat and dock right on your own property in your own backyard. Your home may be average in size instead of humongous, but because you have direct access to the water and the ability to go wherever on the water, these properties are priced to match the water access and rights more than they are priced for the home. If your home is massive and on the water, then the price takes into account both the size of the house and water privileges.

Dazzling, Well-Manicured Gardens

Well-manicured gardens, including hedge mazes, are also par for the course on luxury properties. If you love the gardens at Kensington Palace or Versailles, then gardens of this sort on a property would be a big tip-off that it is a luxury property. Greenery and flowers are not everyone's cup of tea, but their beauty cannot deny a luxury view for the eyes.

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