Several Ways To Improve Your Construction Site's Security

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, approximately 11,625 pieces of equipment were stolen off construction sites in 2014, and that's just what was reported. If you're renovating your home and there is a lot of heavy equipment and tools, or if you manage a massive construction site, chances are the security of this equipment is a top priority. Construction site theft is a real problem, but there are several ways you can keep your investment safe. Here are a few ways you can keep your construction site secure:

Create a Theft Prevention Policy

The first step to prevent construction site theft is to create a theft prevention policy. This policy helps everyone on the site, including the subcontractors and employees, understand the rules and potential punishments that will be enforced.

When creating your theft prevention policy, keep these points in mind:

  • Create clear work hours. Let local authorities know when employees and contractors are allowed on site.
  • Write up policies on potential gray areas. For example, create a policy regarding borrowing tools and removing and selling or using scrap pieces.
  • Ask contractors and employees to keep an inventory of equipment they use and to immediately report any missing items.

Let your employees and contractors know you have a zero tolerance for borrowing of equipment and theft. If an employee or subcontractor violates the policy, let them know they will be fired immediately and you will contact the authorities.

Create a Safe Work Site

Creating a safe and secure construction site is critical. There are several steps you can take to ensure that your equipment, both large and small, is safe throughout the day and night. One of the best methods is to erect a security fence. There should only be one entrance, and this entrance should be locked and monitored with a security camera.

For smaller equipment, such as tools, ask employees to check the items out and after they are finished check them back in. Stamping or marking your tools with your company's name or another identification will help deter employees and thieves from taking it off the lot.

When it comes to larger equipment, there are also several ways to prevent theft. Apply an identification number to each piece, and post a sign that clearly states each piece of heavy equipment is stamped, being monitored. Also, consider storing larger equipment in sheds when not in use. Placing a lock on the gas cap will also deter burglars from taking the larger equipment.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to keep your equipment and construction site safe is to hire a security guard. A guard or multiple guards can monitor the site during the night, and their presence will act as a strong deterrent, as well. Visit a site like to learn more about this option.

Go High Tech

In addition to installing security cameras, there are other technologically-advanced ways to keep your site safe. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Geo-fencing – Geo-fencing is a great option if you have several large and expensive pieces of equipment. The fence is invisible, and each piece is equipped with a sensor. If the equipment leaves the invisible fence, the engine is disabled automatically.
  • GPS – Installing a GPS tracking unit on each large piece of equipment can help you track the items, which is crucial if it is stolen.
  • RFID system – RFID, or radio-frequency identification is a great way to keep track of your smaller equipment and tools. Each employee is provided an RFID tag and when they enter a designated area, a reader records their entrance. Each tool is provided with an RFID tag, and when the employee takes the tool out of the designated area, the same reader records the tool's exit.

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