4 Ways to Stand Out in the Listings After Putting Your Home Up for Sale

It can be tough to stand out from the competition once your home is listed on the market, which can mean a longer-than-you'd-like waiting period before making a sale. Here are a few things you can do to help set your listing apart from the crowd and quickly attract buyers:

Give the Home a Descriptive Name

Set your home apart from the crowd by giving it a name that describes what people can expect from the property if they choose to see it in person. The name should be catchy so people remember it when narrowing down their options. Instead of having to ask "remember that brown house with the yellow flowers out front that we read about?" They can refer to your home by name when discussing it with someone else. This should help ensure that the home isn't forgettable and has a better chance of staying in the running when buyers narrow down the real estate listings to those they want to seriously consider buying.  

Hire a Professional Photographer

An excellent way to make sure that your home gets the attention it deserves once it's listed on the market is to hire a professional photographer to capture a visual story of your home. The photos can accompany the written part of your listing and will provide potential buyers a "virtual tour" that offers them unique insight into the style, features, and functions that your home has to offer.

Hiring a professional that specializes in real estate photography to take the pictures is important because they understand how to properly stage photos to create a compelling story that will resonate with potential buyers. You can expect them to capture all the best angles to create a picture-perfect composition that makes buyers want to see everything in person.

Highlight the Unique Functions

Highlighting the features and functions that are unique to your home compared to others on the market is another thing you can do to draw more attention to your home listing. Start by checking out all the homes that are already listed and that are similar to yours so you can decipher what your home offers that they don't. Make a running list of features that are common to the homes similar to yours on the market so you know what you don't need to focus on when creating a description for your listing.

After identifying any unique functions or features (such as a solar hot water heater or heated bathroom floor tiles) that your home has to offer, focus on them as the basis for your description. Come up with one or two lines that accurately describe each feature you want to highlight, then fill your description in with information about the property and structural aspects of your home.

Make Communication Convenient

Make sure that buyers have several ways to get a hold of you and your real estate agent if they want to inquire about your home. If communication isn't convenient, those who are initially interested may not do the legwork needed to follow up on making a purchase. In addition to including phone numbers for both you and your agent, give potential buyers the opportunity to contact you through email, fax, text messaging, and even social media accounts. With a variety of communication options available, buyers can use the avenues they prefer and will be more likely to stay in contact with you while making their investment decision.

These tips and tricks should make a positive impact on the effectiveness of your home listing and help ensure that you're able to make a sale quickly.

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