4 Strange Things That Can Drop Your Property Value

If you priced your home based on others in your town and yet you have not received any purchase offers from buyers, then there may be some other factors at play, including each of these four things:

A Neighboring Home with a Horrible Yard

If one of the homes on either side of you has a yard that contains trash or overgrown weeds, then this can be a serious put off for potential buyers. Not only does the lack of attention paid to your neighbor's yard affect your sales value, but it also will keep people from even viewing the inside of your home. While it may not be your responsibility to deal with your neighbor's yard, cleaning up or mowing it can help your own house sell. If you decide to help your neighbor with their yard, make sure that you get their permission first.

A Lack of Local Shopping Options

If your home is located in a rural area or one that just simply lacks many local shopping choices or major chain stores, then this can negatively affect the sales price and purchase offers for your home. People are busy and they do not want to travel long distances to buy groceries or get supplies for a home improvement project.

While you cannot change the local shopping options, you can provide your potential buyers with a list of great local alternative shopping places they may not have heard of. For example, if your local family-owned hardware store also sells lumber for a good price, then letting buyers know this information is always a good thing.

A Weird Home Layout

The older your home is, the more likely that it has a layout that no longer works with the way people live in their homes today. For example, homes built pre-1950 often have minuscule closets and closed in kitchen spaces. Many buyers today want large closets and open floor plan homes. When they see a home with a different layout than what they are looking for, this often turns off buyers. You can work with a professional home stager to help offset some of the issues arising from a home with a weird layout. For example, a home stager will place appropriately sized wardrobes into the bedrooms to show buyers how they can store their clothing.

A Death in the Home

Finally, a home that has had someone pass away inside of it will often turn off buyers. In fact, in some states, you have to report a recent home death as a disclosure when you sell your home. As with the other three issues listed above, this is a situation that you can't do anything about but it can be affecting sales. In this case, all you can do is be honest about the situation to potential buyers.

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