Tips For Handling Criticism From Home Buyers

Once you decide to sell your home and start working with a real estate agent, you are sure to want to connect with potential home buyers. Most home sellers want to see as many as possible in the hopes that will increase the odds of someone truly clicking with the house and committing to buy it.

Sometimes at home showings and open houses, you may encounter the occasional rude home buyer. Whether they genuinely find displeasure in your home or simply hope that negativity will give them the upper hand, it is important to handle criticism from home buyers with grace.

Ask for Clarification

Before you get upset or respond in a way that reveals how flustered you may be, be sure to ask for clarification. Take a cue from the way people respond in active listening exercises. If you hear a home buyer make a rude comment, you may rephrase it in a way that seeks to clarify the statement and verify its intent.

If someone criticizes the price of your home, you may reply with a question like, "Are you saying that you feel the house is priced too highly for this market?" Sometimes the simple act of rephrasing what was said can help people realize how rude they were, and you may get an apology.

Turn on the Charm

You can prepare for negativity by imagining what potential criticisms home buyers may have of your home and how you wish to respond. If you know that your home has a major flaw, it's a good idea to either do home improvements to solve the problem or bring it up yourself to avoid frustrating home buyers.

The important thing is that you always conduct yourself professionally with home buyers, but a little good humor and personality can help lighten the mood. If you sense that a home buyer is simply having a bad day, you may offer a kind word and try to help solve the issue they may be having before it starts.

Finally, keep in mind that it's important to protect your best interests when dealing with strangers in your home. If you feel uncomfortable about a comment that's said, you can always excuse yourself from the situation and consult your real estate agent about what they recommend. You will probably encounter home buyers who are polite most of the time, but it is important to prepare yourself for a variety of scenarios when you are selling your home

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