3 Things To Know About The Final Phase Inspection Of A New Home

If you are in the process of building a house and are acting as the general contractor of the project, you will be responsible for everything that is done at the house, and this includes getting all the necessary phase inspections completed. These inspections are required by law, and there are several different ones. The very last one that is done is needed to obtain an occupancy permit, and here are several important things to know about this.

What Is The Final Inspection?

The final inspection must be completed as soon as the entire home is finished. When you call for this inspection, you should make sure everything is done in the entire home. During this inspection, the inspector will look to make sure that everything in the home is safe. He or she will look at many features of the home before telling you if you've passed the inspection.

Why This Is Needed?

The purpose of the final inspection is to ensure that the house is complete and safe to be lived in. Safety is the main reason states and cities require new phase home inspections. Each inspection is used to ensure that the home is built to code and that all safety rules and laws are followed. If these inspections were not required, builders may fail to complete their jobs properly, and this could cause safety hazards to the people who buy and live in these homes.

What Can The Results Be?

There are only two results that can come from a final inspection. The first is that it will pass. If this happens, you will be given an occupancy permit, which means the house is safe for you to move in. The other result could be that it fails. If this happens, it typically means that you must fix or complete certain parts of the home before you can obtain the occupancy permit to move in. If this happens, you will receive a list of things you must do. After you complete them, you can call for another final inspection.

Each new home phase inspection required and completed is important for your new home. If you just started building your house, you will need to find out when to get these inspections and who to call to complete them. To learn more about new home phase inspections, talk to a real estate agent or inspection company like AAA Inspections Specialties Inc. today. 

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