The Apartment Blues: Tips For Getting Acquainted With Your New Neighbors

Did you recently move into a new luxury apartment complex? If so, you may be finding it hard to adjust. One of the hardest adjustments may be not knowing anyone in your neighborhood. Getting acquainted with your new neighbors is easier than you may think, and you may find that you actually become good friends with some of the people you meet. Whether you are comfortable with approaching others or not, the following suggestions will help you connect with your neighbors.

Kind Gestures

One of the nicest and easiest ways to interact initially with new neighbors is to greet them with a smile. Even if you or your neighbors are shy, a smile is a good way to ensure that the other person knows you are approachable.

Displaying good etiquette is another way to show your neighbors that you are interested in being amicable with them. For example, you could hold the door open for them when they are entering or exiting areas on the property.  

If you are a person who enjoys cooking, you could cook a dish or dessert, and give it to a new neighbor. But some may not feel comfortable eating other people's cooking, or they could have food allergies, so you could consider buying a plant, a card or making a craft instead of a dish.

Small Talk

Connecting with your new neighbors does not have to involve having long conversations. You can simply ensure that you say hello to them. As you get comfortable and familiar with faces, you can begin to ask neighbors how they are doing.

Hosting a small party is a good way to interact with neighbors who live in close proximity to you. This type of party can serve as an "icebreaker," which will aid in people getting to know each other. This is also an effective way to ensure you can identify neighbors from strangers in your community.

Social Interaction

Eventually you may find that many of your neighbors have the same interests as you. At this point, you may wish to cultivate friendships with some of your neighbors. Most people do not want to come off as stalkers, so be sure that your neighbors are comfortable with any potential friendships.

One way to engage in social interaction with your neighbors is to take advantage of the amenities in your community, and look for people with common interests. For example, if you enjoy working out and you have a fitness center in your apartment complex, that would be a good way to socialize with others who enjoy working out.

You should also consider joining groups existing groups in your neighborhood. The manager of your property is a good resource to use to determine whether there are any. They can also inform you whether or not you are allowed to form your own community group geared towards people with similar interests.

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