Prevent Technological Breaches: 3 Ways That A Commercial Locksmith Can Help You

Companies rely more and more on technology to propel their business forward and expand, especially in terms of marketing, connecting with clients and customers and even making sales. Over 53% of businesses have a website today, and almost all businesses rely on some form of technology. What most businesses fail to consider is that technological breaches can easily render their company helpless. Here are 3 physical security measures that a commercial locksmith can implement in order to protect these areas of vulnerabilities.

Lock Up the Server Room

The server room is where all of the magic is stored. All of the data and programming that your website requires, and almost every single piece of confidential data, is stored somewhere on the servers. Consider the server room as the heart of your company's physical network, and any physical damage that is done to the server could result in a tremendous amount of loss. You also want to prevent intruders from having access to the server room, as they would then have access to just about every piece of information that they need.

Make sure that the server rooms are properly locked up at all times with secure locks. Deadbolts and locks that are resistant to lock bumping can make a world of a difference. Keep in mind that even the strongest locks are not efficient if you have not implemented strict policies in regards to who can access the server room. You want to keep as many of your network devices as possible locked up in the server room.

Opt for Rack Mount Servers

Each server contains a wealth of information — even the Achilles' heels to your company. Instead of a tower system, opt for a rack mount servers. These servers can be locked into closed racks, and the racks are normally bolted down to the floor, so that they are impossible to remove or move. 

Some commercial locksmiths are familiar with the type of racks that need to be installed, and how they should be installed for optimal protection. The racks generally contain multiple mounting slots that are also called bays, where several hardware units can be installed. It is crucial that the locks that are keeping the racks secure are of high quality and cannot be easily picked or broken into. A commercial locksmith can help you determine which areas may be most vulnerable and help you secure them. 

Install Case Locks for the Computers 

Last but not least, you want to protect the hard drives in the computers from thieves. Hard drives basically contain all of the information that is needed, and they are much easier to remove and carry than an entire computer or a server. Commercial locksmiths are able to install and even customize special case locks for the computers that ensure that they cannot be easily opened at all without the proper key. 

There are several different case locks that you can choose from. You can either opt for a rudimentary locking system that relies on a solid metal cable being strung through a loop on the desktop and a loop on the anchor point, or you can opt for a lockdown plate instead. Since cables can be cut with the right equipment, a lockdown plate is generally more secure.


Protecting the technological side of your business is crucial, since most information is stored digitally nowadays. You want to not only protect your network from being hacked by intruders and your website or software from being infiltrated, but you also want to protect the confidential data and information stored within, as it can lead to identity theft and numerous other problems. For more information and assistance, contact commercial locksmiths in your area. 

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